The scouting process is essential to understanding your crop’s needs and managing it accordingly to protect your maximum harvest potential. Beginning shortly after planting, you should look for signs of insects that can damage your seeds and seedlings.


Damage may be evident above- or below-ground. The following is a list of potential pests, the soil and field conditions they enjoy, how to scout them, and the best options for prevention and targeting:



Keep an eye out for pests like black cutworm, white grubs, and wireworms to help control problems like stand loss and susceptibility to disease and to avoid missing the window for rescue treatments. For more information, consult our article on the 5 Reasons to Scout For Early Season Pests.


Lastly, remember that when it comes to above- and below-ground pests, SmartStax technology and Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions Corn Offerings for Corn help protect corn, boosting your yield potential.